New York is a great food town and whether you’re a fan of thin crust or deep dish everyone agrees NYC Pizza is some of the best on the planet. Many hypothesize that the reason our Pizza is so good is because of the NYC tap water used to make the dough. While most NYC Pizza joints charge between 3 and 4 dollars for a slice in the past two years several 1 dollar shops are popping up all over the place. While the $1 slice is no where as good as something you would get at a real NYC pizzeria, you can find some that are not that bad rivaling fast food and midwest pizza. Hey for a buck it is hard to go wrong and you will be doing your stomach a favor eating pizza and not something from a fast food dollar menu. You can find check out this $1 pizza google map to find a bunch of places in the city. Below are the places I like the best and think have the tasiest pizza.

Two Bros Pizza

This chain of $1 pizza is popping up everywhere and are usually crowded. Like most buck pizza places $2.75 gets you two slices and a soda. I find the slices here quite tasty and even better than some city places that sell regular priced pizza. There is usually a line and you can see pies flying out of the oven so you know you are getting it fresh. All the ones I have been in have a small seating area, nothing fancy and there are usually homeless people hanging out there. There is always a selection of pizza topping staples like garlic powder, cruched red pepper and oregano. Finally, it’s hard to beat an $8 pie!


32 St Marks Pl, New York, NY  (212) 777-0600 ‎

542 9th Avenue, New York, NY (212) 695-2642 ‎

31 West 46th Street, New York, NY (212) 704-4251

‎601 Avenue of the Americas # 1, New York, NY (212) 206-8656

‎755 6 Avenue, New York, NY (212) 675-2922 ‎

Percy’s Pizza

New to the $1 Pizza scene is this Bleecker street shop that brings both freshness and flavor to buck Pizza. I ran in here for a slice the other bay and was amazed how good it was! Even better than Pizza Box down the street that serves a regular priced slice. Percy’s has a small but comfortable seeting area and access to all the fixins you could want. This is in my opinion the best dollar slice and you could almost get away with bringing your date here, as long as she thinks you’re stumbling upon it. If you’re looking for Pizza on Bleecker street this is the place go!


190 Bleecker Street, New York NY 10012



When on a quest for  delicious cheap eats in NYC be sure to head to Downtown for some kick ass dumplings. These mouth-watering fried balls of dough stuffed  with chives and pork are the perfect snack and a great way to experience the taste of Chinatown. Forget disgusting fast food places with awful over processed crap when you can find some of the best dollar menus at these tiny but often very crowded dumpling shops. Eldridge street located right between Chinatown and the Lower East Side is by far the epicenter for the Chinese dumplings. With the two best places less than a block away from one another.

Vanessa’s Dumpling House                                                                                                             118 Eldridge St, New York, NY 10002                                                                                                 (212) 625-8008 ‎

Out of all the dumping places this one has the best ambiance by far even though they only have about five tables that are always crowded. Yet this is still the cleanest and most roomie of the dumpling places. Vanessa’s sells 4 dumplings for $1 and they are quite good! They also have a one of the largest menus and serve bubble tea, smoothies, soups and more. For $5 you can eat very well here, be sure to bring cash as they don’t accept credit cards. check out their menu @

Prosperity Dumpling                                                                                                                           46 Eldridge St # 1, New York, NY 10002-5238                                                                                   (212) 343-0683

This is the best place to go with the tastiest dumplings and also the best deal. Prosperity offers five dumplings for $1 and also has other great items at very cheap prices. You can also eat here extremely well for probably less than $5. Prosperity is definitely better for take out and only has about six stools in a very small space which is always packed with a huge line (but don’t worry they’re super fast). This is the place to go for authentic dumplings at a great price. The dumplings here are so good its hard to belive they’re so cheap! Throw in a sesame pancake ,some wonton soup and head to the nearby park for an awesome asian picnic at an amazing price. Check out their menu @


I am a huge fan of Gummi Bears! Say what you will about a grown man somewhat obsessed with cute bears both edible and animated, but I can’t get enough of them!

I hold the Disney afternoon classic very dear to heart and am not afraid to break out the shows amazing theme song at any given moment. This 8o’s cartoon favorite was somewhat inspired by the candy. Thats right these deliciously chewy confectionaries are so good they even inspired a cartoon.

I have indulged in these tiny yummy bears on three continents and from dozens of companies and here are my thoughts on which is the best.

Probably the most popular Gummi Bears are the German-made Haribo which is the company that made not only the first gummi bear but also the first Gummi. in the United States, Haribo gummi bears come in five flavours: raspberry (red); orange (orange); strawberry (green); pineapple (colourless); and lemon (yellow). These bears are a favorite for any Gummi Bear connoisseur and are so tasty and have such a unique consistency that I don’t even hold it against them that they are accused of using Jewish forced labor to make their candy during WW2 (and you thought the Oompa Loompa’s had it bad).

Trolli is another company that originated in Germany and and makes Gummi Bears. They are also very popular  and widely available in the states. Trolli was the first to make Gummi worms and while their bears come in the same colors as Haribo they do have  different flavor profiles, with the red being cherry, green being lime and clear being apple.

In the 90’s there were Amazin Fruit  which were fantastic bears made by the Hershey company and made with real fruit juice. They had 6 different flavors in what they called original fruit and also had a tropical fruit version. Sadly they were discontinued in 2008.

In my opinion the best Gummi Bears out there now are from Albanese. This US-based manufacturer isnt lying when they call their products “The World’s Best Gummi’s.”

These truly amazing bears come in 12 awesome flavors including;  Ornery Orange, Poppin Pineapple, Granny Smith Apple, RRRipe Watermelon, Lickin Lemon, Wild Cherry, Bodacious Banana, Luscious Lime, Freshhh Strawberry, Rockin Raspberry, Groovy Grapefruit, and Concord Grape. Each one has a unique taste and with 12 to choose from there is a huge number of flavor combinations. If you a love Gummi Bears like me then these are the ones you have to try! They are for sale on Amazon or you can purchase them directly from

Check out this cool Gummi Bear Art I found online


New Hampshire is best know for the New Hampshire primary, the first in the American presidential cycle. With a state motto of “Live Free or Die” it’s no wonder that the state has no general sales tax or personal income tax on a state or local level. It is a great place to visit when traveling through New England.


 This original 40’s lunch cart is still serving up awesome burgers, fries and dogs. This place is old school and much more concerned with good food and service than a modern atmosphere. Still, Gilley’s has a certain charm that comes from the fact that they would rather preserve their history then abandon it. The food is cheap and really good. Try the chili fries they are unbelievable! If you are into hole in the walls, with history and fresh food be sure to stop and eat here.

175 Fleet Street, Portsmouth, NH

(603) 431-6343


Boston is one of America’s oldest cities. Home of tea parties and massacres. It is Massachusetts’s capital and a must see for anyone traveling to New England. Be sure to take a stroll across the Charles River and visit the historic Freedom Trail. Boston is America’s biggest college town and has over 52 institutions in the area. Below are some of the best eatery’s in Boston from cheap eats to fine dining.  Check them out your stomach will thank you!

Belle Isle Lobster & Seafood:

This gem of a seafood restaurant is very close to the airport and perfect first stop if you’re flying in to Boston. This local favorite has fresh haddock fried to crispy perfection and some of the plumpest crab cakes in New England. The seating area is small and relaxed with views of Belle Isle Marsh Reservation, Boston’s last salt marsh.

1267 Saratoga Street

East Boston, MA 02128-1255

(617) 567-1619

Open Mon-Thu,Sat 10am-7pm; Fri 10am-8pm; Sun 11am-7pm

Sam Adams Brewery:

A must see for any beer lover! Since the year 2000, Sam Adams beer has won more awards in international tasting competitions than any other brewery in the world.  Check out the free tour that ends with a free tasting where you get to sample a variety of beers some not even available to the public. They also give you an awesome souvenir tasting glass. Takes about an hour.

30 Germania Street

Boston, MA 02130-2315

(617) 368-5080

Mikes Pastry:

You can’t go anywhere is Boston without seeing people carrying pastry boxes marked Mike’s pastry. Stop in and try a cannoli and you will know why. Not Far from Paul Reveres house. Be sure not to get stuck in the back by the entrance, each person behind the counter has there own line.

300 Hanover St

Boston, Massachusetts 02113

(617) 742-3050

Open Mon-Tue,Sun 8am-10pm; Wed-Thu 8am-10:30pm; Fri-Sat 8am-11:30pm 

Union oyster house:

This is the oldest resturant in the country, serving seafood lovers since 1826. Enjoy an atmosphere that is authentic rather than kitcky. Amazing oysters, cowder and experience! This place is huge and every room is like a trip to the past. There is a reason it has been around so long. Try the sam adams that is brewed special for this one of a kind resturants.

41 Union Street

Boston, MA 02108

(617) 227-2750

Open Mon-Thu,Sun 11am-9:30pm; Fri-Sat 11am-10pm

Galley Diner:

Every city needs a great diner and if you’re in Boston this is the one worth checking out! To the dismay of regulars the Galley was featured on Anthony Bourdain’s “No Reservations” which has made it a very popular place and with good reason! The service is awesome and the atmosphere friendly and old fashioned. I had the good fortune of having breakfast after a gig and it was incredible! The portions were huge, everything was fresh, and prices could not be beat. I had the corned beef hash, which has become the diner’s signature dish and was blown away by how good it was. I had a sweetness that was a perfect balance to the salty and unlike any other I have had before. Can’t wait till I am back in Bean Town and can go here again.

11 P St, South Boston, MA 02127

(617) 464-1024

Rondo’s Sub Shop:

A fantastic sandwich shop in Southie, that was also featured by Anthony Bourdain. While I was a bit nervous going to Southie that I would come in contact with a gang of Whalberg wannabe tough guys, I was pleasantly surprised by how friendly both the staff and the locals were. I had a large Italian sub with the works for 7 bucks. It was very tasty and enough for 2 meals. I also tried some of they’re meatball sub after having recommended by a regular who even shared his fries with me. Can’t wait to go back to Rondo’s and try another on of the delicious subs.

134 West Broadway, South Boston, MA 02127-1018

(617) 269-027