I am a huge fan of Gummi Bears! Say what you will about a grown man somewhat obsessed with cute bears both edible and animated, but I can’t get enough of them!

I hold the Disney afternoon classic very dear to heart and am not afraid to break out the shows amazing theme song at any given moment. This 8o’s cartoon favorite was somewhat inspired by the candy. Thats right these deliciously chewy confectionaries are so good they even inspired a cartoon.

I have indulged in these tiny yummy bears on three continents and from dozens of companies and here are my thoughts on which is the best.

Probably the most popular Gummi Bears are the German-made Haribo which is the company that made not only the first gummi bear but also the first Gummi. in the United States, Haribo gummi bears come in five flavours: raspberry (red); orange (orange); strawberry (green); pineapple (colourless); and lemon (yellow). These bears are a favorite for any Gummi Bear connoisseur and are so tasty and have such a unique consistency that I don’t even hold it against them that they are accused of using Jewish forced labor to make their candy during WW2 (and you thought the Oompa Loompa’s had it bad).

Trolli is another company that originated in Germany and and makes Gummi Bears. They are also very popular  and widely available in the states. Trolli was the first to make Gummi worms and while their bears come in the same colors as Haribo they do have  different flavor profiles, with the red being cherry, green being lime and clear being apple.

In the 90’s there were Amazin Fruit  which were fantastic bears made by the Hershey company and made with real fruit juice. They had 6 different flavors in what they called original fruit and also had a tropical fruit version. Sadly they were discontinued in 2008.

In my opinion the best Gummi Bears out there now are from Albanese. This US-based manufacturer isnt lying when they call their products “The World’s Best Gummi’s.”

These truly amazing bears come in 12 awesome flavors including;  Ornery Orange, Poppin Pineapple, Granny Smith Apple, RRRipe Watermelon, Lickin Lemon, Wild Cherry, Bodacious Banana, Luscious Lime, Freshhh Strawberry, Rockin Raspberry, Groovy Grapefruit, and Concord Grape. Each one has a unique taste and with 12 to choose from there is a huge number of flavor combinations. If you a love Gummi Bears like me then these are the ones you have to try! They are for sale on Amazon or you can purchase them directly from

Check out this cool Gummi Bear Art I found online


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