When on a quest for  delicious cheap eats in NYC be sure to head to Downtown for some kick ass dumplings. These mouth-watering fried balls of dough stuffed  with chives and pork are the perfect snack and a great way to experience the taste of Chinatown. Forget disgusting fast food places with awful over processed crap when you can find some of the best dollar menus at these tiny but often very crowded dumpling shops. Eldridge street located right between Chinatown and the Lower East Side is by far the epicenter for the Chinese dumplings. With the two best places less than a block away from one another.

Vanessa’s Dumpling House                                                                                                             118 Eldridge St, New York, NY 10002                                                                                                 (212) 625-8008 ‎

Out of all the dumping places this one has the best ambiance by far even though they only have about five tables that are always crowded. Yet this is still the cleanest and most roomie of the dumpling places. Vanessa’s sells 4 dumplings for $1 and they are quite good! They also have a one of the largest menus and serve bubble tea, smoothies, soups and more. For $5 you can eat very well here, be sure to bring cash as they don’t accept credit cards. check out their menu @

Prosperity Dumpling                                                                                                                           46 Eldridge St # 1, New York, NY 10002-5238                                                                                   (212) 343-0683

This is the best place to go with the tastiest dumplings and also the best deal. Prosperity offers five dumplings for $1 and also has other great items at very cheap prices. You can also eat here extremely well for probably less than $5. Prosperity is definitely better for take out and only has about six stools in a very small space which is always packed with a huge line (but don’t worry they’re super fast). This is the place to go for authentic dumplings at a great price. The dumplings here are so good its hard to belive they’re so cheap! Throw in a sesame pancake ,some wonton soup and head to the nearby park for an awesome asian picnic at an amazing price. Check out their menu @


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