New York is a great food town and whether you’re a fan of thin crust or deep dish everyone agrees NYC Pizza is some of the best on the planet. Many hypothesize that the reason our Pizza is so good is because of the NYC tap water used to make the dough. While most NYC Pizza joints charge between 3 and 4 dollars for a slice in the past two years several 1 dollar shops are popping up all over the place. While the $1 slice is no where as good as something you would get at a real NYC pizzeria, you can find some that are not that bad rivaling fast food and midwest pizza. Hey for a buck it is hard to go wrong and you will be doing your stomach a favor eating pizza and not something from a fast food dollar menu. You can find check out this $1 pizza google map to find a bunch of places in the city. Below are the places I like the best and think have the tasiest pizza.

Two Bros Pizza

This chain of $1 pizza is popping up everywhere and are usually crowded. Like most buck pizza places $2.75 gets you two slices and a soda. I find the slices here quite tasty and even better than some city places that sell regular priced pizza. There is usually a line and you can see pies flying out of the oven so you know you are getting it fresh. All the ones I have been in have a small seating area, nothing fancy and there are usually homeless people hanging out there. There is always a selection of pizza topping staples like garlic powder, cruched red pepper and oregano. Finally, it’s hard to beat an $8 pie!


32 St Marks Pl, New York, NY  (212) 777-0600 ‎

542 9th Avenue, New York, NY (212) 695-2642 ‎

31 West 46th Street, New York, NY (212) 704-4251

‎601 Avenue of the Americas # 1, New York, NY (212) 206-8656

‎755 6 Avenue, New York, NY (212) 675-2922 ‎

Percy’s Pizza

New to the $1 Pizza scene is this Bleecker street shop that brings both freshness and flavor to buck Pizza. I ran in here for a slice the other bay and was amazed how good it was! Even better than Pizza Box down the street that serves a regular priced slice. Percy’s has a small but comfortable seeting area and access to all the fixins you could want. This is in my opinion the best dollar slice and you could almost get away with bringing your date here, as long as she thinks you’re stumbling upon it. If you’re looking for Pizza on Bleecker street this is the place go!


190 Bleecker Street, New York NY 10012


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